AOM NutriPowder

Nourishing Every African Child


In Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA), 21 children die of malnutrition every hour! According to our survey and UNICEF report (2019), there are 795 million malnourished children worldwide, 70% are in SSA. 1 in 4 SSA Children is Malnourished. The overwhelming COVID-19 crisis coupled with the lack of sustainable screening equipment, issues of health-care equity, and food shortages put Africa the world’s fastest-growing developing region at risk of long-term consequences of its youth.

According to world bank reports, preventing malnutrition is the most cost-effective method for economic growth. This is because malnutrition costs SSA $3.5 trillion yearly in damages.

How we are solving it

To Solve malnutrition, our team, iLifeAfrica Research & Development and Innovation, scientifically investigated over 1000 patients aged 4-8, and found the reason for SSA malnutrition to be decreased protein intake, lack of trace elements, and reduced intestinal absorption. The team thereafter developed a nutrition powder, Alpha & Omega NutriPowder, the first product by the company. It is also the World’s first China-Africa specialized SDG2 initiative for SSA malnourished children. The powder contains key ingredients that were developed at the National Key Laboratory of Wenzhou Medical University (WMU).

Some Key Features

  • Patented Formula: high-quality blended protein, accounting for 71g / 100g, which is 9% higher than the average level.
  • Core technology: our SCI published Sialic acid oligosaccharide that improves intestinal development and absorption.

The oligosaccharide is extracted from molasses in 5 simple Eco-friendly steps. This reduces the cost of production and helps in waste reduction as molasses is a waste product in the sugar-making process.

Our Progress

A&O NutriPowder has reached cooperation with 5 African governments via a hybrid B2G2C Business model, in which our products are directly purchased by the government, subsidized, and then distributed to a specified population organized by our pilot landing programs in each region.

In our first landing model, with a population of 10 thousand malnourished children in PMB South Africa, one 5YO child pays $430 per year, which will include 750g of A&O NutriPowder per month, and a $500K Net Profit overall.

In the next three years, we expect the minimum operating profit to reach about $4.06 million.

Accolades, Awards, and Recognition

A&O Nutrition’s Accolades include: Geneva Challenge 2020, World Young Scientist Summit & UN 75th Anniversary University Start-up World Cup Finalist, China National OTEC Champion 2020, Chinese Academy of Sciences, CPAFFC and MOFA endorsed Project, among others.

At Present our team has collected 200K USD from Prize Winnings and Joint Venture Contracts, of which 75% has gone into research, development, and production of A&O NutriPowder.