A Growing Pipeline For China-Africa Medical Technologies

Your partner in covid-19 Management & solutions

Alpha and Omega MedTech (Pty) Ltd distributes medical devices, therapeutics and diagnostics it is the No.1 Pipeline for China-Africa Medical Devices, Your Partner in Covid-19 Management & Solutions

Our primary aspiration is to improve the state of healthcare in Africa by providing the needed and missing technologies to the industry. We have defined (insert a number) ambitions to direct our work and focus, improve the state of Africa and support the UN Sustainable Development Goals of 2030.

  • Help 200miilion individuals receive quality health care.
  • Partner with 25 African countries governments.
  • Partner with over 75ooo private and public healthcare facilities.
  • Help improve healthcare in ¼ of the continent.

Our values are firmly established in respect, ethical practices, and recognition of the different cultures and traditions. We want to shape a better Africa through healthcare, it is no wonder that sustainability is core in our business model.

Eliminating the technological boundaries in African healthcare while enhancing its quality for the current and future generations.

We believe the enhancement of African lives will eventually lead to the unprecedented development of the continent. As a company, we are strongly convicted that this enhancement will come with the provision of world-class healthcare. It will ensure the healthy growth of the younger generation, decorous ageing of parents and the maximizing of life for the youths. Healthcare is a human right and our company aims to improve this right in the African continent.

At AOMG MedTech, we reconnoitre and analyse the technical problems that are experienced in the healthcare industry in Africa, push boundaries and explore solutions to the lack of medical devices, diagnostics and therapeutics. Our focus and resources are on the procurement of standardized high-quality products at affordable prices for any level of healthcare businesses in Africa. We are ardent to making the utmost transformation in the industry and generating substantial value for our partners, stakeholders, customers and above all, Africa.


We have more than 15 products under our brands that are available in 15 African countries ranging from WHO, FDA and TGA approved COVID-19 antibody test kits to health screening robot and PCR lab solution. Find out more about our products here.

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