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Our Agenda 2063

Facilitating the steps towards The Africa We Want: AOMG and Agenda 2063

Undoubtedly, the development of the African continent is likely to come from the nurturing of scientific technology and innovation. This nurturing must be strategically targeted to sectors that have the highest potential and affect a great majority of the population of the continent. Among the areas of urgency are the prevention and control of diseases, eradication of hunger and achieving food security, and creation of opportunities for wealth creation.

To attain this, research and development in the fields of health, infrastructure, energy, environment, and security must be encouraged, promoted and implemented. This brings to the surface the need to reinforce and upgrade essential conditions and remove the inhibiting factors of research and development. The building and upgrading of research facilities, enhancing professional and technical competencies, promoting entrepreneurship and innovation and an environment where science, technology and innovation can thrive serve as the key components in this area.

Agenda 2063, is an action plan by the African Union (AU) that was formulated with a commitment and focus on the context of a rapidly changing world and exploitation of available opportunities so as to achieve the Pan African Vision. The plan was initiated and agreed upon in 2013 and spans 50 years.

AOMG is a company that is set to assist the encapsulation of Africa’s aspiration presently and for the future by targeting three areas of the priority stipulated in Agenda 2063. These priorities are healthcare, education, and eradication of hunger. To play its part, AOMG has developed a one-of-a-kind and first-ever China-Africa initiative that allows and eases the procurement of medical technologies, equipment for life and environmental science research and development, and open more sources of funding research. It also offers chances to brilliant young African scientists to further their education and improve technical competence. This is all done while bringing the different communities together and improving the sharing of life science and health information between different regions. Additionally, the company is a fully recognized BBEEE in South Africa with more than 90% of youths working as employees and has the potential to employ even more youths.

AOMG is aware that to achieve its goals and help African countries meet their target according to the 10-year implementation plans of Agenda 2063, there is a need for cooperation and synchronization at the community, regional, national, and continental levels. This also calls for the development of tailored programs to suit the different needs of each region. For this reason, AOMG is dedicated to working with the private sectors, governments, regional economic communities, regional research institutes, networks, and partners.

AOMG is investing all its resources to make “The Africa We Want” vision a reality because The Africa You Want is The Africa AOMG Want.

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