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Winning China’s Biggest Entrepreneurship Competition OTEC 2020.

Brett Lyndall Singh, founder and CEO of A&O, said during his presentation that the company aims to alleviate protein-energy malnutrition, the largest type of malnutrition around the world. According to Singh, the company manufactures a patented oligosaccharide fortified protein formula based on original scientific research and development for malnourished children living in Sub-Saharan Africa.


(From left to right: Brett Lyndall Singh, founder of Alpha & Omega Nutrition, and Xiao Zhenxiang, vice-director of Chaoyang High-level Talent Service Center. Source: OTEC GIW)

Besides the protein formula, A&O is working on establishing an app to initiate “My brother’s keeper” and Ubuntu (health) QR code and is in the design phase of a measurement device which can also be used as a watch.

According to the company’s introduction, A&O’s goal is to be the first China-Africa healthcare initiative to create a “revolutionary” product that supports targets of Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs) including good health and well-being, and zero hunger.